Free At-Home COVID-19 Rapid Test Kit, Covered By Medicare.

Tests are covered by your insurance and sent to your home MONTHLY at ZERO COST to you!

Free At-Home COVID-19 Tests, Covered By Your Insurance. Free Rapid Antigen Testing. Click Order Now!

Free COVID Testing

Tests Are Covered By Your Insurance And Sent To Your Home MONTHLY At ZERO COST To You! Free Rapid Test Kit And Rapid Testing Near Me 🙂

Who are the tests for?

Register you and your family members by providing basic information such as name, contact information and address.

When do I receive my test?

Once approved for reimbursement by your insurance provider we will ship your free test kit directly to your home at no additional cost!

What happens next?

Once you have successfully completed the registration process you will receive emails and text notifications regarding your order status.

Why do you need my insurance?

Your insurance provider is required to provide you with these tests – you incur no cost. Please ensure that the details provided match exactly what’s on the Insurance plan or card.

Don't Wait For A Test Center To Open Near You – Get A Free Rapid COVID-19 Test Kit Shipped To Your Doorstep.

Complete The 4 Step Form Below To Get Your Free COVID-19 Tests In The Mail Provides You With FDA Compliant Test Kits

Per the Biden administration policy, Insurers are now required to cover at-home COVID testing kits every month with no out-of-pocket fees to you.

If you are covered under a US based health insurance plan, you are eligible to get up to 8 free over-the-counter tests per month at no cost to you. For example, a family of four all on the same plan would be able to get up to 32 tests covered by their health plan per month.

Some medical labs may not offer this service, and many are located in high-traffic areas with long lines and inconvenient hours of operation. By ordering a free COVID-19 rapid test kit from our website, you can avoid these problems entirely, getting your results back more quickly and from anywhere in the world where there’s an internet connection!

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Free Rapid COVID-19 Testing Kits Shipped Right to Your Doorstep!

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Here are samples of tests we provide. Order today! Rapid testing for COVID-19 isn’t available in your area? No problem – you can now get a rapid test kit delivered right to your doorstep without having to make an appointment or travel to and from an inconvenient testing center. Get your own COVID-19 rapid testing kit shipped directly to your home and carry out the test on your own schedule!

The exact test shipped to you will be based on availability.

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You can get your free rapid test kit in the mail, and use it at your convenience, to test for COVID-19 as quickly as possible (in as little as 20 minutes). Don’t wait – click on the button below to order your free kit today!

This site is so easy to use. There are no hidden fees and the website is very easy to navigate. The kit is really easy to use and the results were accurate. I love that I can order a kit at home.
I am so glad to have found this site! I was notified on my Facebook feed that was offering free testing kits for Covid-19. I was so happy to get tested for free and get my results fast.
I found this website and was relieved to know that I could get tested for COVID-19 for free and have my results back in a few days. The website is easy to use and gives me the peace of mind that I need.